Coming soon catBF game for Mac computer. Mac is a trademark of Apple Inc.

Play catBF with 3 of your friends on the same computer or over the internet.


Ciao Miao cater to your needs! In Cafe Miao lives 7 cats and you are a customer.
To win the game and become catBF you must:

  • Cope with the other customers.
  • Befriend the cats.
  • Act: Play the lottery and buy boards, options and latte.


Choose the perfect location for your boards. Buy latte to catch the attention of the cats. Buy options to earn powerful future opportunities.


Cats love fish. Locate Latte on boards near big fish and befriend the cats.


Cope with the other customers. Strategically locate your boards and lattes to compete for the cats attention and avoid catastrophe. Do deals and exchange Miao Mint.