Use Miaopol Option

To use a Miaopol Option do:

  • Go to the Options Menu
  • OPTION2 pops up by selecting the Miaopol image
  • In OPTION2 click on Miaopol image
  • Five Miao Mint becomes visible:
    • Click on one of the five Miao Mint.

This video, Miaopol, show how to use a Miaopol Option.

Hints when using a Miaopol Option

  • If you do not have a Miaopol Option then you should buy an Option and hope it is Miaopol.

    This video, ‘Do not own Miaopol Option’, shows that purchasing a Miaopol Option is required before it can be used.

  • If you bought the Miaopol Option in this turn then you have to wait until your next turn before you can use it.