You can trade with Cafe Miao or another player.
Do 4 steps to Trade:

  1. Choose Catfe or a Kittymen.
  2. Offer Miao Mint by pressing Up Arrow on a Miao Mint.
  3. Then press Down Arrow on a Miao Mint to ask for a Miao Mint.
  4. Finally press ✓ button to send the offer.

Trade with another player.

VIP Level

When you Trade with Cafe Miao you offer 4, 3 or 2 of the same kind of Miao Mint and receive 1 of another kind of Miao Mint.
The exchange rate depends on your VIP Level.

  • Non VIP:
    • Initial level of every player.
    • Offer 4 identical of any of ‘the 5 cats’.
  • Panther VIP:
    • You become Panther VIP by locating a Latte on a Panther Mini Miao Mint.
    • Offer 3 identical of any of the 5 cats.
  • Specific VIP:
    • You become Tuck, Drug, Lego, Aase or Tiger VIP by locating a Latte on its Mini Miao Mint.
    • Offer 2 identical of that specific cat.

What is the highest VIP Level?

  • The highest level is obtained by collecting all of the 5 specific Mini Miao Mint.
  • You offer 2 Tuck or 2 Drug or 2 Lego or 2 Aase or 2 Tiger.

What is the lowest VIP Level?

  • A player is Non VIP when the game begins which is the Lowest Level.
  • You offer 4 Tuck or 4 Drug or 4 Lego or 4 Aase or 4 Tiger.

I collected a Panther and a Tiger, what is my Exchange Rate?

  • You offer 2 Tiger or 3 Tuck or 3 Drug or 3 Lego or 3 Aase.

I collected a Drug and a Aase, what is my Exchange Rate?

  • You offer 2 Drug or 2 Aase or 4 Tuck or 4 Lego or 4 Tiger.

What is a Kittymen?

  • A Kittymen is a proxy of a player.
  • There are 4 different Kittymen:
    • Tuckmen.
    • Tigermen.
    • Aasemen.
    • Drugmen.

Who is Catfe?

Catfe is the proxy of Cafe Miao.